Quarterly Sessions for one year!

Are you looking for a set number of sessions per year? Do you have several occasions in the year that you need sessions for? Then t his package is for you! We have it devised where you can shoot a session every three months. Share a session, gift a session, divide this offer with a best friend! Do whatever it takes to take advantage of a must have to help create memories!

 Each Session consists of the following (a total of 4 sessions):

* 10 Digital Downloads 

* Boxed set of 4x6 prints of your ten edits 

* Online Private Gallery

* Option to buy additional digital edits at $10 (extremely lower than our regular price!)

* Telephone Conference to discuss session in full (including clothing attire, location, themes, etc.)

* Memories & More Memories! 

Wait! There's more! If you pay for your complete package in FULL, you get a FREE MINI session! And you get a free 8x10 canvas print, along with monogrammed boxed for your prints, and a monogrammed flash drive.

Let  us help create your yearly memories! This total price applies for up to a group of 4 members, any additional members are $25 each per session that can be paid prior to the session. This gives time to add or remove anyone from the session. Moreover, these are the sessions that can be implemented (with the discretion of the photographer):

* Performing Arts Sessions 

* Sports Sessions

* Mommy & Me sessions

* Sibling Sessions

* Maternity Sessions

* Single Portrait Sessions

PSA: Do you have a friend or family member you want to share these yearly sessions with? Then you can do that! Each group or person pays half for the complete total, and the sessions can be divided to help save on the total cost! 

All of this can be yours for only $1200. This is the equivalent of each session being worth $300, plus you get one free mini session! Contact us now! We look forward to working with you!

Total Cost: $1200


Lil Robin Pics Photography