when you book us, how does it all work? 

Lil Robin Pics Photography

Dear Client, 

If you are here, that means you are either thinking of booking a session, or you have begun the process and want to know what to expect. Well, here goes!

The first thing you do is look for a session package that best suits your needs. The sessions are all devised to provide you with the best possible service, and they include a session "sitting fee." The sitting fee works as your deposit for your session, and it is the investment for all session services. These services are all inclusive. 

After your sitting fee is covered, we schedule your session. All sessions are scheduled based on the needs of the client, but please keep in mind that the photographer works with the client to try and find a day that is best suited, especially regarding location and services. The photographer only shoots at two specific times in the day. The photographer shoots right at sunrise, and right before sunset. The only time the photographer will shoot during the day is if she is shooting indoors for a lifestyle session. The shooting times cannot change when shooting outdoors because the natural light is imperative, so please keep this in mind.

Once the photographer has you on the schedule, you will then be directed to the contract. A contract for services if a must. The photographer will not complete your session without having a contract on file. Sometimes only a model release form is necessary, but most times a contract is necessary. Our contract can be found in the portrait section of our website.

Each client booking a session is entitled to a phone call conversation regarding the session. This conversation covers everything needed for the session, session theme, location, questions about those being photographed, but most importantly, it gives the photographer the opportunity to get to know the client.  The most important part of the conversation is the aspect of attire. What the client wears is very important, and discussing this part of the session should not be rushed. Here is a great resource that helps with choosing what to wear: http://clickitupanotch.com/2013/10/what-to-wear-in-family-photos-5/.

On the day of the session, a designated location is chosen to meet. It is imperative that the client arrive on time. The photographer relies on the light from that time to shoot, and she wants to make sure that the clients get the most of the session, so she will jump right on in. The sessions can go for up to 90 mins, this helps the photographer to cover all of her bases, and it gives the client more photo options in the long run. If the client is late to the session, they will forfeit time out of the session, and the time becomes reduced, so it becomes important for the client to leave on time.

After the session is shot, the photographer will take between 2 to 4 days to cull the photos. Culling involves taking all the photos that are not "keepers" out of the pile, and converting only those that are worth being in the gallery. The photos are converted to be uploaded to the gallery. The client will receive a link and password to view the whole entire session. The gallery is designed to allow you to pick your images that you want. The client is in charge of devising an order that works for them and their budget. 

From the date that the images are chosen, the client goes on queue for editing. Please note, it can take up to 4 weeks (sometimes longer in season) to get your images. Each client gets their images put up in a gallery for digital download, sharing, printing, and cherishing. 2017 will be the start of "more" for your investment, so packages are changing, and offers are changing as well. We look forward to serving you! 

Please fill out the contact form if you have any personal questions you want to ask. Thank you for becoming informed, and we look forward to working with you!


Liza Robinson

Lil Robin Pics Photography