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  • Sitting Fee: The sitting fee is due at time of booking session to hold the client's date, and is non-refundable. If the client has to reschedule, the deposit will transfer to the next scheduled date. The deposit is transferable only ONCE. If the photo session has to be rescheduled a second time, the initial deposit of forfeited and the client will have to pay another deposit.
  • Copyright Policy: All images produced by Lil Robin Pics Photography are protected by federal copyright laws. None of these images are to be reproduced in any way (copied, scanned, etc) without written permission to do so from the photographer. Any unauthorized reproductions are illegal and could result in legal fines.
  • Social Network Sharing: All digitally downloaded photos provided to the client are with and without the business logo/watermark. The client can feel free to share any and all photos that are part of their package, just as long as they use the one with the logo watermark. No cropping or editing is to be done to any of the photos shared on any social media or public site (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, 500px, Google+, etc.).
  • Recording Policy: Absolutely no recording is permitted during sessions (i.e. camcorders, cameras, or cell phone cameras). A verbal warning will be given if the policy is violated. If the problem persists, the session will be terminated and the session fee will not be refunded, nor will there be any prints produced.
  • Retouching Policy: The photographer will ONLY retouch according to artistic vision, a $65 an hour fee is charged if any extra retouching is requested. Example of photographer's vision retouch - removal of wrinkle on a shirt, removal of a strand of hair in the face. Example of client-directed retouch contingent on fee: Removal of body fat, making the body more muscular, changing the color of hair, adding hair, changing eye color, etc.
  • Non -Negotiation  Policy: Client is to understand that in fairness to all, Lil Robin Pics Photography is unable to offer special deals or discounts, except for those that are run for promotional use only. It is for this reason that we want each and every client to understand that session fees and print fees are non-negotiable.
  • Canceling & Rescheduling Policy: The client's session fee is non-refundable. If the client needs to reschedule, they can do so, but be aware that they will be able to do this once. If a scheduled session is needing to be rescheduled a second time, the client will incur another session fee, unless the session has been rescheduled by the photographer.
  • Beach Session Policy: For any session requested to take place at the beach, a small fee of $65 will be charged. This fee is non-negotiable /non-refundable.
  • Note: When indicated that it takes up to 5 weeks to edit your package, it takes every bit of that time because the photographer hand edits each image individually. 



Please note: Bonita & Estero are an additional $40. Naples & Punta Gorda are an additional $50. Also, note any beach area (including Fort Myers Beach) will also incur an additional charge of $65. 

All photo sessions require the sitting fee/package be paid at the time of booking to reserve your portrait session date. The photographer does offer a deposit fee option with 50% down for certain packages only. After covering payment, the client will then complete the contract or model release, and the session will be scheduled. The next step is to discuss the session attire, location, and theme. The client is given suggestions, but that does not stop the client from discussing and sharing ideas and thoughts. This is the client's session, and in the end, it is our goal that the client is happy.
There is 2 to 4-day wait for the photographer to cull and post photos for viewing. Editing time for all portrait sessions can take up to 5 weeks. PLEASE NOTE: It will take 5 weeks from the date client covers payment for edited photo order, or from the date the client has made all choices for editing. If a client wants a RUSH ORDER, there is an upgrade charge of $80 on orders up to 20 edited photos. The client will receive an email notification regarding their online gallery viewing, with link and password. The gallery will be available for viewing for up to 14 days, upon which it will expire. If the client is ordering extra prints, this is the time to do so. There is a $25 reposting fee if the client does not view or purchase during this time and the session expires and needs reuploading (extra printing purchases are not necessary). Lil Robin Pics Photography accepts credit, cash, and Paypal. ***Pricing is subject to change at any time***